Net Shots Post-Faceoff (NSPF) estimates a face-off taker's contribution to puck possession by counting shot flow (shots-for minus shots-against) during the 10 seconds following a player's face-offs in 5-versus-5 situations, and comparing it to a league-average face-off taker. NSPF is calculated for each of the offensive, defensive, and netural zones; the overall NSPF is their sum.

In short, NSPF is how many more shots-for a player's team had, plus shots-against prevented, following face-offs he took compared with what a league-average face-off taker would have done with the same number of 5-versus-5 face-offs in each zone (offensive, defensive, and neutral).

NSPF/FO is the NSPF per face-off, allowing for easier comparison among players with different numbers of face-offs taken.

See this article for more detailed information.

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Data is updated nightly; this page updated through games played on September 28, 2020

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