New features for a new season

Andrew Shaw takes a draw.

Photo credit marymoline@flickr

The 2014-15 season has started and so far not much has changed atop the NHL face-off percentage leaderboard compared to past years. Guys like Antoine Vermette, Manny Malhotra, and Patrice Bergeron are making easy work of their opponents in the circle just like they always do.

Much has changed at in the couple months since its official roll-out, however, as I’ve worked hard this off-season to bring a lot of cool new things online. Some highlights:

  • Sortable team & player face-off breakdowns: Just about any breakdown of face-off data you want is at your fingertips. Team face-off stats and player face-off stats can be viewed and filtered by home/away, even-strength/power play/shorthanded, and/or defensive/offensive/neutral zones.
  • Team line data: On team pages you can view the forward trios that took even-strength face-offs together and how well they did. For example, last year Pittsburgh‘s Evgeni Malkin was flanked by both James Neal and Jussi Jokinen 359 times in the face-off circle — quite a formidable trio of offensive talent when they had control of the puck, but together they only won 46% of face-offs. On the other hand, last year Boston‘s Patrice Bergeron took 796 face-offs alongside Brad Marchand and Reilly Smith and won an impressive 56% of them.
  • Player linemates: On player pages you can view all the teammates who lined up for face-offs with that player. For example, so far this year through two games, Philadelphia‘s Claude Giroux has taken all but one of his 42 face-offs with Jakub Voracek. The Flyers had better hope that Giroux and Voracek’s 37% face-off percentage together is a small sample size fluke.
  • Scoring: Finally, in an effort to diversify beyond face-offs and provide a little perspective for the face-off numbers, I added scoring statistics and have a leaderboard for scoring.

I have lots more to come, including some advanced face-off stats unlike anything out there. Stay tuned, and tweet me @ctab to let me know if you find any of this useful or have any questions.